CAD Drawing Examples

Please see below for examples of the types of projects which we have undertaken. Click on any of the thumbnails for a larger view of the drawing. Note: All drawings remain the copyright of Faveo Computers & Design and may not be reproduced or distributed without our written consent.

Ornate interiors Bulkhead Sections

Sotherbys - St George Street Gallery

Project for Ornate Interiors in Leeds comprising of plans, sections and details of fibrous plaster bulkheads, GRG column linings and bespoke feature ceilings. Ornate Interiors Brochure.

Completed Bulkhead Installation Completed Bulkhead Installation
Bulkhead Details and Bulkhead Setting Out

Audi Dealership Birmingham

Project for a new head office and showroom for Audi UK in Birmingham. Drawing work entailed a site survey of existing steelwork and production of working drawings for the manufacture/ installation of curved fibrous plaster bulkheads and associated support framework.

Completed Bulkhead Installation Bulkhead Installation Prior To Painting
Reflected Ceiling Plan and Bulkhead Sections

Supermarket Retail Project

Project for a new build store for a national supermarket chain. CAD drawing provides information for the design and installation of the suspended ceiling and bulkheads in the main store entrance area.

Reflected Ceiling Plan and Bulkhead Setting Out

Bookstore Retail Project

Project for a new build store in York for a national book retailer. Reflected ceiling plan and bulkhead setting out drawing, detailing bulkhead positions, ceiling heights and ceiling types.

Bulkhead Cross Section and Details

Shopping Centre Redevelopment

Drawing detailing a curved GRG bulkhead, with integrated ductwork. Drawing provides the information for the design of the GRG bulkhead and setting out dimensions for the on-site installation of the bulkhead supports.

Completed Bulkhead Installation Completed Bulkhead Installation
One-Off CAD Sketch

One-Off CAD Sketch

A CAD sketch for a local joinery company who were restoring the sash windows to a Grade II listed building. Drawing was required in order to gain the clients approval of the proposed windows prior to manufacture.

Metal Stud Wall Elevations and Sections

Office Redevelopment Stud Wall Details

CAD drawing showing elevations and sections of a metal stud work partition. Drawing details the position of the studs, screw centres, pattress locations and plasterboard locations.

IPS Unit Setting Out And Details

Education Project

Plans, details and setting out dimensions for the toilet cubicle setting at a new build school in Leeds. The drawing provides information for the installation of the new IPS units and setting out details for the WC cubicles.

Completed Bulkhead Installation

Visualisation Demonstration

A simple 3D visualisation, to show the location of an altered property boundary and fence line to an existing property in Leeds.

Visualisation Example 2 Visualisation Example 3

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